At Batteries & Solar, we offer a free battery health check at our workshop in Plymouth.
We'll assess the condition of your car battery, including your battery starting and charging systems. The service only takes around 5 minutes, and no booking appointment is necessary.

What does the Free Battery Check entail?

A free battery health check helps identify any underlying faults with a battery before it becomes an issue. This ensures that your battery remains in optimal working condition, preventing potential issues down the road.

Visit us for your Free Battery Check—no pre-booking is needed.

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Do I need a new car battery?

Is it time to consider a replacement battery for your car? There are a few signs that it’s time for a new battery:

Your car is struggling to start

If your engine sounds sluggish when you start it up it’s a sign that your battery may need replacing. Pay attention to the engine's response – if it's slower than usual, it's advisable to have your battery checked promptly.

Dim lights

Your vehicle's battery not only kickstarts the engine but also powers various electrical components. When the battery is on the decline, you'll notice dimmer lights throughout your vehicle. While the headlights are the most noticeable, other lights both inside and outside the car may also be affected.

Clicking noise

When turning the key to start your car, the battery sends an electrical current to initiate the engine. If the power is insufficient, you may hear a distinctive clicking noise, signaling a potential issue with the battery.

Why do you get issues with your battery?  

Issues such as poor starting often serve as indicators of battery health problems or electrical faults leading to premature discharges. Incorrect vehicle charging can result in repeated battery 'failures,' necessitating unnecessary replacements.

Mobile Fitting by Batteries & Solar

Batteries may fail due to various reasons, including insufficient charge or aging. Avail yourself of our mobile fitting service, where our experts can come to your home and replace your battery on-site.

To book our convenient mobile fitting service, simply give us a call at 01752 656270 or send us an email at .