LED Strip Premium IP45 2835 300LED 8mm 10W/1m Neutral White 40K R-2835-300-45-40K-03

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NEW PREMIUM strip 30 LED/0,5 m, 5,4W/0,5 m roll tape with gel, with standard IP45 protection level equipped with super strong type 2835 diodes. LED tape manufactured and certified in POLAND

Technical data for 0.5 m of strip: 30 LED, 5,4W, (Warm white 470 lm, Neutral white 450 lm, Cool white 450 lm), IP45

Technical data for 1 m of strip: 60 LED, 10,8W, (Warm white 940 lm, Neutral white 900 lm, Cool white 900 lm), IP45

LED strip manufactured and certified in Poland.

The PREMIUM class is a completely new quality of LED strips. Designed for the most demanding customers, it is characterized by high quality workmanship of individual components and a solid PCB backing. Thanks to this, the tape will cope even in the most difficult working conditions. Modern diodes provide 100% more light than traditional tapes with the same power consumption!

The tape roll length is 5 m and the width is 8 mm, and its power is 5,4W/0,5 m (10,8W/m). One tape module has a length of 5 cm and contains 3 modern LEDs type 2835. The tape can be cut every 5 cm into sections of any length. The LED strip has a higher IP45 rating.


Available in 3 light colors to choose from:

  • warm white
  • neutral white
  • cool white

The presented LED strip in color warm white has a luminous flux of 470lm/0,5 m (940lm/m) and is suitable for commercial lighting.
It can be used under kitchen cabinets or as lighting for desks and work stations.

Advantages of PREMIUM LED strips:

LED stripeModern Premium SMD LEDs
These are specially selected LEDs, characterized by a uniform light color along the entire length of the roll and very high luminous efficiency. As a result, we obtain an evenly dispersed glow of light with a uniform color.
Premium class LEDs are a guarantee of full luminous efficiency throughout the entire lighting period declared by the manufacturer. They emit twice as much light as standard LEDs with similar power consumption.


Thick PCB underlay and reinforced paths!
Premium tapes have twice the thickness of the PCB base, on which the LEDs are arranged stably and precisely. As a result, they dissipate heat faster and more effectively, which significantly extends their service life. That's why these tapes can shine for so long!

Thicker copper paths better distribute electrical voltage along the entire length of the roll, thanks to which the tape shines longer and does not heat up like standard LED strips. As a result, the Premium LEDs do not burn.


tasma1.jpgGood quality resistors!

Appropriate resistors are of great importance for the life of the light source. In Premium tapes, the resistors have been selected so that the LEDs do not glow 100% of their capabilities!
This solution allows the tape to shine the same for many years. Resistors of adequate capacity protect delicate LEDs against overload and damage. This is another important factor that improves the lighting quality of Premium tapes.


Product details
Power supply 12V DC
Power 5,4W/0,5 m
Type of LED 2835
Quantity of modules in 5 m roll 100
Light colors Warm white (3000K), cool white (6000K), neutral white (4000-4500K)
Protection ingress IP IP45 (use inside the building in a room with increased humidity)
Energy class G
Energy consumption in kWh/1000h 6 kWh/1000h
Lighting stream Warm white 470 lm/0,5 m, Neutral white 450 lm/0,5 m, Cool white 450 lm/0,5 m
Lifetime 30 000h
Quantity of on/off cycles ≥15000
Illumination time up to 60% of full light flux ≤1s
Working with dimmers Yes
CRI - rate of colour rendering ≥80
Place of product use Indoor use in a room with increased humidity. Resistant to splashing water from all directions.
LED strip width  8mm
LED strip length 5m


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