Battery testing, fitting & recycling

Battery not working? We can test and replace if necessary! Our dedicated team can provide installation either on or off site.

Inverter installation

Ensuring the safe, effective installation of your inverters, along with maintaining them if they go wrong.

Cable making, crimping & bespoke cables

Every size, every type, every colour! We have cable to meet your systems needs.

Camera systems, dash & reversing

We can supply and install a dash camera or reversing camera to your vehicle. This is especially useful for motorhome drivers who are often unable to see what is directly behind their vehicle.

Fault finding & diagnostics

Using the latest in system diagnostics software to locate issues, find resolutions and present the data in an easy to read format!

Leisure vehicle conversions

From small vehicles to large ones! We have the knowledge and expertise to turn any vehicle into your dream off-grid home.

Proud to provide outstanding services!

At Batteries & Solar, we provide a wide range of services, from Battery Testing and Fitting, to Inverter Installs, Habitation Checks and much more! Find out more about the services we provide below.

Charger installations, repairs & upgrades

Whether you need a new charging system installed, repairs for optimal performance, or upgrades to keep pace with evolving technology, our skilled technicians ensure your charging experience is seamless and efficient.

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Solar panel installation, repairs & removal

From installing cutting-edge solar solutions to addressing any panel issues or facilitating removals, our team is dedicated to maximizing your solar energy potential. Let us light up your path towards sustainable energy.

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Refrigeration installation, repairs & fault finding

Whether it's installing a new refrigeration system, resolving issues, or pinpointing faults with precision, our technicians ensure your cooling units operate at peak performance. Trust us to keep your temperature-sensitive needs in check.

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Vehicle Conversions

At Batteries & Solar Ltd we have a wide range of Vehicle Conversions we are able to complete for you in our fully equipped on site workshop! Contact us today to find out how we can help you.

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System monitoring, Bluetooth & Wi-Fi

We're experts at bringing top-notch monitoring solutions, smooth Bluetooth integration, and strong Wi-Fi setups to your systems. Dive into a whole new level of connectivity and accessibility, custom-made.

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Habitation testing

Our meticulous inspections cover all aspects of your vehicle's habitation area, giving you peace of mind and a certified stamp of approval for your on-the-go home. Travel confidently with our thorough testing services.

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System design & installation

We specialize in implementing advanced monitoring solutions, seamless Bluetooth integration, and robust Wi-Fi setups for your systems. Experience a new level of connectivity and accessibility tailored to your specifications.

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Vehicle Pop Tops

Offering a seamless blend of convenience and style, our pop tops are expertly crafted to provide additional space and versatility to your vehicle. Embrace the freedom to expand your horizons with our top-tier pop top solutions.

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Rock n Roll Beds

The perfect space saving sleep solution. Rock n Roll beds allow you to convert seating space into sleeping space! This gives you the freedom to control space usage as you need it. Elevate your travel experience with this innovative and practical sleep solution.

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