Clayton Power LPS II 3000 - 2 kWh

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Introducing the LPS II 3000: Your All-in-One Power Solution

Experience true versatility in powering your world with the LPS II 3000. This remarkable energy solution offers a range of charging options tailored to your unique needs. Say goodbye to complicated setups and welcome the convenience of a seamless power supply for both 230 VAC and 12 VDC appliances.

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Clayton Power LPS II 3000 - 2 kWh

Experience Truly Versatile Charging

When it comes to powering your world, versatility is key. That's why the LPS II 3000 offers multiple charging options, tailored to your needs. Connect solar panels directly and harness the sun's energy with the built-in solar charge controller, capable of regeneration with an impressive 400 W. Alternatively, connect to mains power, and watch the built-in intelligent charger work its magic, regenerating with a robust 750 W.

All-in-one Lithium Power Supply

The powerful and compact LPS provides power to your 230 VAC and 12 VDC appliances without the complexities of additional equipment.

All-in-One Power Solution for Every Scenario Introducing the all-in-one Lithium Power Supply (LPS), your answer to uncomplicated yet powerful energy supply. With the LPS, providing power to your 230 VAC and 12 VDC appliances becomes a breeze, eliminating the need for complex additional equipment.

Empowering Your Every Need Wherever you are, whatever your specialty, the LPS is designed to deliver the power you require. From service vehicles to refrigerated ones, campervans to cottages, yachts to sailboats, the LPS ensures you're powered up and ready to go.

Smart Functions, Ultimate Control Experience smart functions and effortless control with the LPS. Its adaptability caters to a myriad of setups and scenarios tailored to your unique needs. Enjoy adjustable 230 VAC charging, flexible 12 - 30 VDC charging, and adaptable solar charging. Stay in the loop with a summary of charging history, a comprehensive status overview, and even a jumpstart feature.

All-Inclusive Power Solution The LPS II 3000 packs a punch with its all-inclusive features. Inside, you'll find a 2 kWh Lithium-Ion Battery, a 230 V Sine Wave Inverter, a booster for charging from alternators, a 400W MPPT Charge Controller for solar panel charging, an intelligent charger for mains regeneration, relays, and more.

Experience the future of power with the LPS II 3000 - where versatility, efficiency, and convenience unite. Please note that while product images serve as illustrations, minor variations might occur due to factors such as lighting, individual screen settings, or updates from the manufacturer. Rest assured, these variations are minimal and won't impact the quality or functionality of the product.

Key Features

Experience the convenience, efficiency, and adaptability of the LPS II 3000. Designed to provide power whenever and wherever you need it, this all-in-one lithium power supply is the ultimate choice for modern power solutions.

The advantages of Clayton Power LPS II 3000 at a glance:

  • Versatile Charging Options: Enjoy multiple charging methods, including solar panels, alternators, and mains power, providing flexibility for various scenarios and environments.
  • Efficient Energy Storage: Equipped with a built-in 2 kWh Lithium-Ion Battery, ensuring efficient energy storage for reliable power supply.
  • Powerful Inverter: The integrated 230 V Sine Wave Inverter delivers seamless and clean power to your 230 VAC appliances.
  • Solar Charge Controller: Benefit from a 400W MPPT Charge Controller for solar panel charging, harnessing the sun's energy for regeneration.
  • Intelligent Charger: Connect to mains power and let the intelligent charger work its magic, regenerating with a robust 750 W.
  • Booster for Alternator Charging: Utilize the built-in booster to regenerate power from any alternator, with options for both standard and Super Charger modes.
  • High Peak Power Output: Experience a peak power output of 5000 W and continuous power of 3000 W, catering to high-demand appliances.
  • Jumpstart Capability: Enjoy the added convenience of a jumpstart feature, providing an emergency power boost when needed.
  • Adjustable Charging Modes: Tailor your charging experience with adjustable 230 VAC and 12 - 30 VDC charging modes, as well as adaptable solar charging.
  • Comprehensive Status Overview: Stay informed with a summary of your charging history and a clear status overview, ensuring you're in control.
  • All-In-One Solution: The LPS II 3000 integrates essential components such as the battery, inverter, charge controller, and more, making it a complete power solution.
  • Durable and Compact Design: Enjoy a powerful yet compact design that's built to withstand the demands of various applications.
  • Suitable for Various Applications: Whether you're on the road in a campervan, sailing on a yacht, or powering your cottage, the LPS is versatile and reliable.
  • Sustainable Power: With options for solar charging and efficient energy usage, the LPS contributes to sustainable and environmentally-friendly power solutions.

SKU No.  CL2003
Battery type  Li-Ion 12V – 160Ah 
Battery chemistry  LiFePO4 
Battery capacity  160Ah (2112Wh) 
Battery available capacity  134Ah (1900Wh) 
AC Input voltage  207 VAC – 253 VAC 
AC input frequency  45 Hz – 65 Hz 
AC Input power (Charge power)  720 W 
AC Output voltage +- 10%  230 VAC pure sine wave 
AC Output frequency  50 Hz 
AC output power – Continuously (ambient temp)  2300 W 
AC output power - 10 min.  3000 W 
AC output power - Peak  5000 W 
AC output power - AC In connected  3000 W 
AC output efficiency (1000W)  94% 
DC Input voltage  11,5 - 32 VDC 
DC input current  45 A 
DC input current with 1 external converter (efficiency)  90 A 
DC output voltage  10-14,4 VDC 
DC output charge current – Continuously 90 A
DC output discharge current – Continuously  180 A 
DC output discharge current – 1 min.  350 A 
Solar input charging power (max.)  400 W 
Solar input voltage   15 – 50 VDC 
Solar input charging current (max.)  15 A 
Input signals (5)  C1, C2, M12 x 3 
Output signals (4)  C2 & M12 x 3 
Self-discharge rate per month  < 5% 
Self consumption - Operating mode, Only DC Output active  < 1 W 
Self consumption - Operating mode, inverter and DC Output in with > 50 W  30 W 
Connection 230 VAC  Neutrik and Schuko 
Connection C1 / C2   M4  
Connection DC input  M8 
Connection DC output  M8 
Cooling  Forced air (fan) 
Operating temperature (output will be limited below 0°C and ab)  -20°C~50°C 
IP rating  IP21 
Product weight  27,5 kg 
Product dimensions (HxWxL)  256x277x409 mm 
Jumpstart  40 A / 5 min 


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