Dodomat Barrier Pro 8mm Mat - CCF Liner with Mass Loaded Vinyl – 900x600mm DOD-PROBARRIER-MLV

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Dodo Barrier Pro 8mm Mat is a versatile automotive soundproofing solution that combines a 5kg/sq.m mass loaded vinyl with an integrated CCF closed-cell foam decoupling layer. It effectively blocks and absorbs unwanted sound waves, enhancing the quiet and luxurious feel of any vehicle interior.

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Dodomat Barrier Pro 8mm Mat - CCF Liner with Mass Loaded Vinyl 

Dodo Barrier Pro is a 5kg/sq.m mass loaded vinyl with an integrated CCF closed cell decoupling layer for automotive use.

Dodo Barrier Pro is designed to block and absorb unwanted sound waves. It can help make any car, van or 4x4 quiet and luxurious.

Highly Recommended and ideal for use on the cabin floor, bulkhead and Boot floor.

Dodo Barrier Pro includes a closed cell foam layer to perfectly decouple the MLV from the panel and block the transmission of unwanted sound such as road, engine and exhaust noise.

For optimum performance use on vehicle panels that have been pre treated with sound deadening mats (e.g Dodo Dead Mat or Silent Coat).


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Key Features
  • Mass Loaded Vinyl + Closed Cell Foam Layer
  • Sold as single sheet
  • Sheetsize = 900 x 600mm (0.54sq.m / 5.81 sq. feet)
  • Thickness =8mm
  • MLV Density = 5kg/sq.m
  • Total weight per sheet =2.8kg
  • MLV Temperature Threshold = 90°C continuous / 120°C short
  • Flammability tested for vehicle interiors ISO 3795:1989
  • CCF Temperature Range = -200°C +116°C
  • High density but flexible
  • Significant reduction in sound transmission
  • Complete Liner Solution

N.B Installation may requirevinyl adhesive or taped edges. (We recommed Dodo Tape for taping joints and edges)

Typical uses of this product:

  • Fitting to a vehicle and boot floor to prevent road rumble and help insulate the cabin.
  • Lining panels, cupboards and doors at home to insulate and block low frequency noise transfer
Total Thickness 8mm
Material Mass Loaded Vinyl (MLV) with Closed Cell Foam (CCF)
Sheet Size 900 x 600mm (0.54sq.m / 5.81 sq. feet)
MLV Density 5kg/sq.m
Total Weight Per Sheet 2.8kg
MLV Temperature Threshold 90°C continuous / 120°C short
Flammability Standards ISO 3795:1989 (Tested for vehicle interiors)
CCF Temperature Range -200°C to +116°C
High Density but Flexible Yes
Significant Reduction in Sound Transmission Yes
Complete Liner Solution Yes
Installation Requirements Vinyl adhesive or taped edges (Dodo Tape recommended)
Typical Uses Vehicle and boot floor soundproofing, home insulation for panel, cupboards, and doors to block low-frequency noise transfer

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