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The GPS Tracker is a versatile and reliable security device designed for vehicles and personal use. Ideal for small fleets, single van businesses, and personal vehicles, it offers a subscription-free solution for tracking and locating vehicles in real-time.

Whether for finding lost or stolen vehicles or keeping tabs on their location, this GPS Tracker provides peace of mind.

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GPS Tracker

A fantastic security device for vehicles and personal use also.
Great for small fleets, one van small businesses and consumer use for personal vehicles.
Find lost or stolen vehicles and keep an eye on where vehicles are located at any time.

Unlike most on the market, they are subscription free and very simple to set up and use.
Just Install a PAYG activated sim card (not supplied), add some credit, and it's ready to go.

Send a text message from your own smart phone or tablet to the tracker and it will send you back a map of the location-accurate to 10 metres at a price of just 1 text message (around 15p).

You can fix the tracker easily to your car battery for permanent power and leave under the bonnet, or charge the unit at home using the charger cable supplied.
Ideal for tracking children, pets or the elderly. Also great for cars, caravans, vans and many more.

Additional features include a smart phone app which allows for live , online tracking, watching the vehicle move live on the screen.
Geo fencing sends a message when the vehicle or individual leaves a pre defined area.


Brief Instructions for setup.

You will need to install an activated PAYG sim card, which are widely available from many outlets for around £1.00.
The easiest method to activate a sim card, is to purchase one which is tied to your existing mobile phone network.
Insert the PAYG sim card in to your own mobile phone, then activate and add credit as per the mobile carriers instructions.
When the PAYG sim is activated, insert this in to the tracker, and it's ready to go.
Full instructions are supplied inside the box.
Not Compatable with "3" network.
May require up to 36 hours initial charging time.

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Key Features

Explore key features below:

  • Multi-Purpose Device: Suitable for vehicles, small fleets, personal use, children, pets, the elderly, cars, caravans, and more.

  • Subscription-Free: Unlike most on the market, this GPS Tracker does not require a subscription for its basic functionality.

  • Easy Setup: Install a PAYG (Pay As You Go) activated SIM card (not supplied), add credit, and it's ready to go.

  • Cost-Effective Tracking: Send a text message from your smartphone or tablet to receive the tracker's location on a map. Accurate to 10 meters, and the cost is just 1 text message (around 15p).

  • Flexible Power Options: Can be fixed to the car battery for permanent power, hidden under the bonnet. Can also be charged at home using the supplied charger cable.

  • Live Online Tracking: Utilize the smartphone app for live, online tracking. Watch the vehicle move in real-time on the screen.

  • Geo-Fencing: Set up geo-fencing to receive alerts when the vehicle or individual leaves a predefined area.


Specification Details
Usage Compact and portable mobile GPS tracker suitable for vehicles (semi-permanent installation), bags, pockets, and attaching to pet collars.
Installation Semi-permanent installation in a car, caravan, campervan, or motorhome. Connects to the vehicle battery with the provided car charger/connector.
Dimensions 5cm x 5cm x 1.5cm
Portability Lightweight and portable; can be carried in a bag or pocket. Can be attached to a dog collar for pet tracking.
Power Source Connected to the vehicle battery for semi-permanent installations. Can also be charged independently.
Charging Method Car charger/connector supplied, fitted with ring terminals for direct-to-battery connection.
Ease of Use Designed for simplicity - no complicated tracker apps to install.

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