Leoch LDC6-400-L16

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The Leoch LDC6-400-L16 sets a new standard for deep cycle performance. With a host of innovative features and cutting-edge technologies, this 6V AGM battery is designed to excel in demanding applications.

Boasting stable initial capacity, improved Partial State of Charge (PSoC) cycling, and excellent deep cycle performance, it's the ideal choice for those seeking reliability and longevity.

From optimized plate assembly to advanced gel electrolyte technology, this battery ensures power stability and durability.

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Leoch LDC6-400-L16

The Leoch LDC6-400-L16 redefines deep cycle performance with its exceptional features and advanced technologies. This 6V AGM battery is designed to meet the rigorous demands of various applications, providing reliable and long-lasting power.

One of its standout features is its stable initial capacity, ensuring consistent performance from the start. It excels in Partial State of Charge (PSoC) cycling, making it a reliable choice for scenarios where frequent cycling is required. Its deep cycle performance is excellent, ensuring dependable power supply over extended periods.

Several cutting-edge technologies contribute to its exceptional performance. The optimization of Positive Active Material (PAM) and Negative Active Material (NAM) amounts enhances overall efficiency. The 4BS crystal paste mixing and curing technology ensures uniform and reliable performance.

Double layer separator technology is employed to enhance durability and cycle life. The improved design of the electrolyte Specific Gravity (S.G.) contributes to stability, and carbon boost technology further boosts performance.

Mix carbon boost technology targets higher performance levels through innovative carbon technology. Plate assembly pressure is re-engineered to ensure longevity, and a new PAM/NAM recipe is introduced to enhance overall performance.

Gel electrolyte technology enhances power stability, and the use of rare earth alloy further contributes to durability. Lower acid filling temperature reduces water loss, and PAM softening and shedding are delayed to extend battery life.

Sulphation of the Negative Active Material (NAM) is addressed, optimizing electrolyte stratification. Pre-sulfate technology enhances overall performance, and the introduction of AGM-GEL technology further elevates the battery's capabilities.

With specifications including a capacity of 400 Ah (C20), dimensions of 295mm x 180mm x 428mm (including terminals), and a 1-year guarantee, the Leoch LDC6-400-L16 is a dependable power solution for a wide range of applications.

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Key Features
  • Stable initial capacity for consistent performance.
  • Improved Partial State of Charge (PSoC) cycling capabilities.
  • Excellent deep cycle performance.
  • Optimization of Positive Active Material (PAM) and Negative Active Material (NAM) amounts.
  • 4BS crystal paste mixing and curing technology for uniform performance.
  • Double layer separator technology for durability.
  • Improved design of electrolyte Specific Gravity (S.G.) for stability.
  • Carbon boost technology for enhanced performance.
  • Mix carbon boost technology for higher performance levels.
  • Plate assembly pressure re-engineering for longevity.
  • Introduction of a new PAM/NAM recipe for enhanced performance.
  • Gel electrolyte technology for power stability.
  • Use of rare earth alloy for durability.
  • Lower acid filling temperature to reduce water loss.
  • Delayed PAM softening and shedding for extended battery life.
  • Addressing NAM sulphation for optimized electrolyte stratification.
  • Pre-sulfate technology for improved performance.
  • Introduction of AGM-GEL technology.
  • Dimensions (including terminals): 295mm x 180mm x 428mm.
  • Capacity (C20): 400 Ah.
  • Backed by a 1-year guarantee for peace of mind.


Terminals One terminal Front, One Terminal Back on DiagonalDual Terminal
Brand Leoch
Voltage 6 Volts
Technology AGM
Capacity (C5) 342 Ah
Capacity (C10) 375 Ah
Capacity (C20) 400 Ah
Capacity (C100) 435 Ah
Length 295 mm
Width 180 mm
Height inc. terms 428 mm
Height exc. terms 406 mm
Guarantee 1 Year


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